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Today OSP UZMK VNZM is the company which meets all up-to-date requirements, it is fitted with high-tech equipment and has competent specialists. But lets take a look into more recent times.

The Great Patriotic War was over. The party and the Government of the USSR made the decision on development of oil refining and petrochemical complexes in the Bashkir ASSR. The reconstruction of Plant 417 (UNPZ) and the construction of the New Ufa Oil Refinery started in Ufa. In 1947 Assembly Department No. 9 was created in Chernikovsk according to the order regarding the Union Trust Neftezavodmontazh and then it was transferred to trust No. 7. Specialists and workers of this Department came from Moscow, Orsk, Grozny, Kuibyshev and many other cities. They lived in barracks  2-3 families in a room, they went to work over hedge and ditch, generally on foot, but that generation of the Soviet people was never afraid of difficulties and it made History against all odds. In December 1949 the first assembly shop under Assembly Department-9 was put into operation. That was the starting point for OSP UZMK VNZM.

The shop began to produce metal structures. Preparation, assembly and welding of structures was made at once, on the same racks, the only equipment was Pelz guillotine, many machines were installed in the yard, the trolleys with rolled metal were wheeled into the shop manually, there was no heating. Welding was performed with use of pieces of wire, covering them with chalk and dipping into soluble glass. But things were getting better, engineers and specialists actively worked on manufacture of structures. In 1952 the specialists of the Department developed the project, manufactured the equipment, thus the first tank for oil storage in the country was assembled and mounted. This is how the rolling method for tank pieces was created. Later the stand for making the rolls was mounted out in the open and the production of tanks began. This event was honored with VDNKh diploma, the engineers were awarded with USSR State Award. At that time Ivan Petrovich Silenko was the Director of the Department, Lev Moiseevich Feldstein was the chief engineer. Alexander Aleksandrovich Chemodurov was in charge for works on production and installation of the first tank. Since 1955 tanks have been manufactured by the workshops, then by the plant, and supplied not only to the oil refineries of Ufa and other cities of Bashkiria, but also to all other regions of the Soviet Union.

Development and construction of Bashkir complex was based on huge rates of growth of industrial engineering. In 1958 the assembly trust Vostokneftezavodmontazh was established. SMU 9, which was renamed to UMU-1 tr. VNZM, and Workshops of assembly pieces as independent entity became a part hereof.

In the 60s the management of VNZM trust, represented by the managing director Ivan Kondratyevich Zgurskiy and the chief engineer Lev Moiseevich Feldstein, applied a good many efforts on reequipment of workshops and increase of production capacities. In 1963 bays III, IV, V and a trestle fitted with new equipment, including two powerful stands for tank rolling process were put into operation. In the three-storeyed administration building attached hereto there were workers locker rooms, offices of departments, as well as design bureau.

As a result by the end of the 60s the production capacity of workshops grew up to 20 thousand tns of metal products per year.
In March 1967 the workshops were granted the status of the plant.

In 1976 a new shop with equipment for coloring and drying of sructures and a new administrative building were built. At the same time the replacement of crane equipment became a big problem for the plant. Overhead cranes in the first bays were out of date, the other cranes had small load-carrying capacity. In 1978 it came to a point that the inspectorate forbade further operation of majority of cranes, that nearly led to plant shut down. Then the managing director of the trust Rinat Salikhovich Makhmutzyanov and incoming director of the plant Alexander Aleksandrovich Rudenko went to Moscow where within a week with help of the Deputy Minister Alexander Kondratyevich Lipodat, managed to wheedle the funds for 10 new cranes, including overhead traveller with capacity of 32 tns. Replacement of cranes was performed in the shortest time and work in the bays came up with a bang.

In 1988 with the efforts of Rinat Salikhovich due to construction of the plant Khimvolokno (nowadays JSC Polief) in Blagoveshchensk bays I and II of the plant were completely reconstructed which had been used for nearly 30 years. It was dangerous for employees to work there as the old roof began to fall down.

Metal trusses and supporting columns were examined and reinforced, floor and the roof were completely renewed, intershop walls were removed, roof lamps were installed. All works on reconstruction were conducted without shutting down the plant.

In the course of the business the plant underwent a series of metamorphoses: in 1988 the plant was merged with Department of production and technical supply. This entity existed for a little more than a year. Then there was a merger of the Ufa and Salavat plants to one company, but that merger was also of short duration. During the wholesale privatization the plant got the status of Closed Joint Stock Company as a part of JSC VNZM. However despite all the renames, merges and de-mergers the company continued to do its work and to go about its life though hard times came. The period of Perestroika was full of lack of orders and persistent unpaid salary. The biggest merit of the management of JSC VNZM and the plant should be considered the fact that during these troublesome times they were able to keep both the production facilities, and the main skeleton staff of the plant with its nice traditions.

Since January 2002 the plant has been a structural division of JSC VNZM. Reconstruction and equipment upgrade are constantly in progress, in MPU the sandblast department is fitted with equipment. Here in 2006 the second overhead crane was installed, the Comet machine for gas and plasma cutting was purchased and put in operation, the masters of the plant produced and implemented to production the machine for elimination of shrinkage distortion of welded beams, the band mill was started up. The welding equipment is renewed regularly.

So this is a short excursus to the history. We tried to tell about our entity, how it was created, how it grew and gained strength.

The plant area is 40 thous. sq.m, including the production building (12.9 thous. sq.m.). It has rail and road access routes. It has a motor vehicle fleet, including cargo vehicles, buses for employees, a crane truck and passenger cars. Relying on traditions, applying innovative ideas and meeting the needs of the age, the staff of the plant is ready to solve the most serious tasks. For this purpose we have skilled workers, specialists, technical services, professional skills and modern equipment.

 , 1950  , 50-         .

50 mln cub.m.
total tank capacity


60 years of steady
operation of the company

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