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Horizontal steel tanks


Land storage tanks can be used for storage of fuel, water, food or other materials. Their use provides safe level of storage and enables to lay in a fuel stock (with regard to fuel tanks) by means of purchase of high-quality fuel on best price and protection of the company from fuel crises.

Our company offers complex supply and installation of horizontal steel tanks with capacity from 5 m3 to 100 m3, as well as individual performance of the services including: designing, production, installation of thermal insulation and heating, delivery, supply of processing equipment and assembly.

Designing and production of horizontal steel tanks is performed according to the regulatory documents in force. Designing is performed on individual basis for every Customer.

Horizontal tanks are made of corrosion resistant stainless steel and carbon steel brand according to standard projects, as well as according to individual specifications and sketches of the Customer.

In order to facilitate the product purchase process, we suggest you downloading and filling out the questionnaire in Word. Then you can send it to us using the information request form or to corporate e-mail.Thus you can quickly obtain information on equipment cost proceeding from its specification.
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Horizontal tanks and reservoirs are popular in different industries and production branches due to ease of installation and operation and high reliability. These tanks are installed on special support on the ground and differ in volume (from 10 to 100 000 liters) and appearance.

Types of horizontal steel cylindrical tanks RGS

RGSn  horizontal steel land storage tank

Specification of land horizontal storage tanks

Parameter RGSN-3 RGSN-5 RGSN-10 RGSN-25 RGSN-50 RGSN-75 RGSN-100
Volume, cub.m. 3 5 10 25 50 75 100
Working pressure filling
Inner diameter, mm 1400 1600 2200 2760 2760 3000 3000
Length, mm 2550 2785 3335 4990 10100 10100 14400
Width, mm 1700 1800 2400 3000 3000 3435 3440
Height (at transportation), mm 1955 2050 2650 3400 3400 3650 3650
Thickness of body/bottom, m 4/6 4/8 4/8 4/8 4/8 6/12 6/12
Weight, kg 1400 1540 2520 4340 5880 7640 11900
Purpose and diameter of chokes (mm)
A Gauge hatch (150) Product entry (80)
B Product entry (80) Product entry (80)
V Product discharge (80) Entry of heat-transfer medium (40)
G Entry of heat-transfer medium (50) Discharge of heat-transfer medium (40)
D 1, 2 For internal check valve control (150) For air duct (150)
For safety valve (50)
For air duct (50) Gauge hatch (150)
Zh Drainage (G3/4-B) For internal check valve control (150)
I Hatch (800)
K Discharge of condensation water (50) Mud outlet

Underground horizontal storage tanks are made of larger metal panels than land storage tanks, they are also subject to further anticorrosive treatment.

RGSp  underground horizontal steel tank

Underground horizontal steel tank RGSp are made of St3sp5 steel, 09G2S alloyed steel, stainless steel or steel certified for storage of food.

Characteristics of underground horizontal storage tanks

Parameter RGSP-3 RGSP-5 RGSP-10 RGSP-25 RGSP-50
RGSP-75 RGSP-100
Volume, cub.m. 3 5
Working pressure filling
Inner diameter, mm 1400 1900 2200 2760
2760 3000
Length, mm 2210 2390 3430 4710 9425 10910 13910
Width, mm 1560 2060 2360 2920
2920 2960 3200
Height (at transportation), mm 1715 2280 2580 3045 3045 3285
Stock level (filling neck height), mm 1200 1272
1272 1200
1200 1200 1200
Thickness of body/bottom, m 4/6 8/8 8/8 8/10 8/10 8/12 8/12
Weight, kg 1090 1860 2860 4550 7130 8900 10300
Purpose and diameter of chokes (mm)
A For filling (80) For filling (100)
B For discharge (80) For discharge (100)
V Cleanup (50)
G For ventilation (50) Manhole (800)
D Gauge hatch (50) Gauge hatch (150)
E For entry of heat-transfer medium For ventilation (50)
Zh For discharge of heat-transfer medium For level switch (20×1,5)

Single-wall horizontal tanks RGS/double-wall tanks RGS

  • RGSn: single-wall land horizontal steel tank;
  • RGSDn: double-wall land horizontal steel tank;
  • RGSp: single-wall underground horizontal steel tank;
  • RGSDp: double-wall underground horizontal steel tank.

In double-wall RGS the space between walls is filled with nitrogen or liquid. Herein total interstitial space is filled and the tank is equipped with closed pumping-out system.

Single-section / two-section / multi-section RGS tanks

All above-mentioned versions of horizontal tanks may be produced with either one or several sections. The sections are formed by special separating walls inside the body of the tank. Thus the horizontal tank becomes divided into two or more sections, it is meant for storing different types of materials. At production of two-section or multi-section tanks we guarantee the leak tightness of the sections.

Structure of horizontal steel cylindrical tanks

Elements of structure of horizontal steel cylindrical tanks

Bearing part

There are several types of bearing types:

  • Steel supporting structure (poles);
  • Saddle shaped supporting structures made of iron concrete;
  • Basements of compacted sand with hydrophobic layer

Body wall and stiffening rings

The body of the horizontal tank consists of cylindrical and end parts. The cylindrical part is also usually called a wall and end elements  bottoms.

Cylindrical part of the body, i.e. tank wall, consists of metal-roll shells in the quantity, stipulated in the design project, and amounting to 3,25 m in diameter. The metal-roll thickness is determined by durability and stability calculations. The shells are welded end-to-end while the assembly seal may be done overlapped. The body of the tank is often assembled with stiffening rings.

End elements of the body (bottoms)

There are two types of bottoms of horizontal tanks:

  • Flat bottoms (rib-free or ribbed) are used in horizontal tanks with overpressure up to 40 kPa;
  • Conical bottoms are used in horizontal tanks with overpressure from 40 kPa to 70 kPa.

Attachable equipment

Tanks are equipped with earth connection, staircases, manholes, loading and dispensing machinery, ventilation and measurement-control tools. If necessary, the tank is equipped with heating devices. Horizontal tanks are also subject to corrosion-preventive procedures and heat insulation.





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