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Underground storage tanks


Drainage storage tank EP / EPP is a cylindrical tank for storage, settling and supply of liquid and gaseous substances under pressure manufactured on the basis of extra strong metal. This unit is not only for household use, but also for industrial use. For example, underground drainage storage tank discharges excess liquid after precipitation or melting of snow, and the special tank for gasoline storage allows to use fuels and lubricants effectively without loss of their quality.

Our company offers complex supply and installation of horizontal steel tanks with capacity from 5 m3 to 63 m3, as well as individual performance of the services including: designing, production, installation of thermal insulation and heating, delivery, supply of processing equipment and assembly.

Designing and production of horizontal steel tanks is performed according to the regulatory documents in force. Designing is performed on individual basis for every Customer.

Our specialists can help you to choose the optimal design variant, taking into account all wishes, can offer the functional and least-cost solution.

In order to facilitate the product purchase process, we suggest you downloading and filling out the questionnaire in Word. Then you can send it to us using the information request form or to corporate e-mail. Thus you can quickly obtain information on equipment cost proceeding from its specification.

Dont forget to enter your contact details in the corresponding columns and our specialists will contact you and provide detailed information on manufacturing cost and answers to all your questions.

Types of underground storage tanks

Example of marking for order purposes:

Storage tank without heating unit with electric pump unit: EP 16-2000-1300-2- , where:

  • EP  underground storage tank without heating unit;
  • 16  nominal volume, cub.m;
  • 2000  inner diameter of the tank, mm;
  • 1300  neck height;
  • 2  material of production;
  •   necessity in concrete pit

Marking Volume, m3 Inner diameter, mm Length, mm Neck height, mm Heating area
(for EPP), m2
Weight, kg
EP-5 tank 5 1600 2755 900-1600 1,80 2210 2250
EP-8 tank 8 2000 2900 900-1600 2,00 2800 2850
EP-12,5 tank 12,5 2000 4300 900-1600 2,70 2860 2920
EP-16 tank 16 2000 5300 900-1600 2,80 3350 3430
EP-20 tank 20 2400 4830 900-1600 3,20 3590 3650
EP-25 tank 25 2400 5830 900-1600 3,90 4220 4300
EP-40 tank 40 2400 9030 900-1600 6,00 6150 6270
EP-63 tank 63 3000 8990 900-1600 6,30 8860 8990

The vessels can have up to 10 connections depending on design

Underground storage tanks are equipped with pumps depending on liquid properties and requirements of the Customer. Special devices provide leakage monitoring.




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